Network of heads of independent fiscal institutions of the OECD

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has organised, since 2009, an annual meeting of budget officials of parliaments and independent fiscal institutions (IFIs) of the thirty-four member countries of the Organisation. These meetings combine the subjects of public finance governance (medium-term programming, management by performance, principles that should apply to independent institutions, etc.), economic issues (potential growth, relation between debt and growth etc.) and practical subjects (access to information, modes of communication, etc.). The geographical scope of these meetings is broader than that of the European Union : it includes in particular the United States, Canada, Japan and European countries not belonging to the Union. With the creation of new IFIs, the number of participants in these meetings has risen sharply in recent years.

Around one hundred representatives of the member countries participated in the seminar held in Paris in mid-April 2016.

These meetings were an opportunity to present the French model of a light IFI created within a superior control institution (the Cour des comptes), to build relationships with counterparts in other countries and to carry out exchanges pertaining to good practices with them.

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