Network of heads of independent fiscal institutions of the European Union

In the autumn 2013, the European Commission (Directorate General EC-FIN) took the initiative to invite the IFIs to regular meetings (once a year in the initial project), regarding technical matters and in an informal setting, and fully respecting their independence, to discuss issues of common interest (European fiscal rules, methodology, etc.), as part of a network referred to as EUNIFI (EU Network of Independent Fiscal Institutions).

These meetings organised by the Commission are very useful for providing information to independent institutions on European texts and their implementation as well as the calculation methods of the Commission.

They are complemented by bi-annual training seminars organised by the DG ECFIN on the European fiscal framework, intended for experts in finance ministries and members of independent institutions; the European rules and the terms of their application are presented and discussed in detail during these seminars. The secretariat of the High Council participated to these seminars.